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Subject: Re: Dimension Beam

From: blacklotus@...
Date: 2000-04-13

Re: Dimension Beam
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:14:00 -0400
lotusart@... (John Hunter)

Hmmmm. Well, You can try what I tried. Post a want ad on harmony
Central , Synth Site, etc. I got 4 offers several months ago. Bought
2 and turned friends
on to the other 2. When I first saw that page, the price listed was
$500 a piece.
Must have gone up.

Anyway, I think you can become one with your MOTM. Just load as many
(don't know the limit ;-)) cc's onto one cc # that you set the
d-beam for. Say, freq cutoff, EG
attack, LFO speed, whatever, to cc# 21 on the d-beam. Then program
those functions on the synth to
be able to respond to 21 also. When you enter the beam (start at the
edge/top for example) you
"start at a certain parameter number. As you move in, the numbers
will increase, sending
the increase parameter changes to the controllers you've specified.
All thru midi, of
course. Works for me, when I load up several cc's on my beam, lean in
and seemingly cause a morph to
occur. The beam's "skin" or outer edge (think egg-shaped) is
programmable as well as its "core".
I think the skin can theoretically be ten-feet from the eye on the
device, while the core
can be anywhere inside that.
I use reflective tape on plastic rings worn on the fingers to "steer"
the beams.
Loooove to try that with a modular!! You can have a virtual keyboard
in space
setting with the beam too.

Hope (this was clear and ) it helps,

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound

> From: thudson@...
> Subject: Dimension Beam
> I just inquired about the dimension beams. There are five
> left and the price is $750. New features have been added
> such as user-definable chromatic scales. I'm seriously
> debating the purchase of one, and would like comments
> from those that have them, and from those who might
> know of cheaper alternatives. As a guitarist, the concept
> of "gesture controllers" while playing is just too
> irresistable.
> I don't remember who posted the info (and had two of them),
> but can you give me an idea of:
> - Controllable area (feet, inches, ?)
> - Precision?
> I just have this picture in my head of running guitar into
> a ring modulator along w/ VCO, and controlling the pitch of
> the VCO with the position of my guitar neck. Of course, at
> the same time controlling straight/RM mix via a foot pedal.
> And throw in my GR50 outputing MIDI from my guitar patched
> to my yet-to-be-shipped expressionist patched to most of
> my yet-to-be-shipped MOTM modules. Oh yeah, and some
> portamento on the VCO, maybe controllable by a second
> pedal...
> Thomas, wishing to become one with his MOTM...
> Wait, how about a "nostril-flare converter." Or a way to
> convert those funny faces a guitarist makes into voltages.
> "when I wince like this it controls my VCF cutoff frequency."
> Okay, I'm getting crazy waiting on my next three rows to ship...