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Subject: Moving into Modulars

From: blacklotus@...
Date: 2000-04-10

Folks, I am on the verge of purchasing a modular system from our own
beloved Paul. I just wanted some user perspective
on this decision with respect to giving up my digital VA's with their
kerjillions of pre-sets (which is what I'd have to do to
buy a modular before I turn 90! =:-0) Pardon my ignorance in what

I do like the variety of sounds in my Jp8080 and Audity 2000 (which
is a software modular set-up--like it A LOT) ; the sound
designers have done a fab job but.....its still "someone else's
sound, when I really want to make my own. My work is
ambient/experimental/deep space/sound design. I do have hard-disk
recording (to a Mac / Pro Tools ) and a Boomerang
Phrase sampling (with 4-minutes recording time ! So I can layer,
edit, and build as dense as I like (I like!). I'm confident I
could get sounds I'd love out of a MOTM rig, and I love keeping patch
charts from my days with a Micro Moog and a Sonic Six,
but still wonder if I'd be jones-ing for those "astoundingly lush
pads" that somebody else designed on my digital machines.
Realizing this is all dependent on the MOTM modules that I'd have to
begin with, and after talking with Paul, I'm thinking:

180 Sub Oct Mux
300 VCO (x 2)
420 Filter
440 Filter
110 Ring Mod/VCA
800 Env Gen (x2)

PSU, Rails, Kenton Pro 2000, etc.

All to be interfaced with a Lexicon Vortex, Korg AM8000R, Boss SX-700
(With Surround) and midi-driven by 2 Intercative Light
Dimension Beams (infrared controllers).

Now, I could sample the patches I have created of course, and use
them from the Mac so I wouldn't lose "everything" I like
about the VA's. I guess I'm asking, is the process of working on a
true modular "too" minimal for me (miss my lush pads?),
or can I arrive at the same fullness and beauty with simply, more
elbow grease (gallons??) and creativity
on a mod.

Thanks in advance,

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound