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Subject: Re: Future modules

From: "David Bivins" <david@...
Date: 1999-05-11

> Is it the general concensus of the group that these sorts of
> things are better handled externally by one of today's
> multiple-effects boxes (ie- d∗g∗t∗lly)? This would leave more
> room for additional oscillators, filters, etc. in your racks.

Not for me. I'd rather rip the guts out of my Maestro Phaser and mount them
behind a MOTM panel. The MOTM is quite beautiful (well, so is the Maestro,
so I probably wouldn't tear it apart!), and eventually I hope to build a
rather large one into a portable case--having dedicated effects-type modules
(even well down the road) would be very nice for me, letting the MOTM stand
as a complete instrument for a lot of what I do.

Just my .02.