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Subject: Status

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-04-09

This is just a general "Head's Up!" as how the upcoming weeks/months are

First off, a Thank You to everyone! MOTM continues to grow. It's interesting
watch as 12 days will pass without 1 single order, then within a 3 day
period I get
orders totalling 42 modules! Pass the Rolaids!

I am re-kitting every module across the board as time permits. If you are
where your '320 kit from 6 weeks ago is: 99% of all kit backlog will ship by
April 20th.

The orders for assembled kits: these will all ship by May 1st. I hope to
start shipping
the '440 assembled backlog starting April 17th.

As said earlier, the Spectrol 149/248 pots (the ones on the pc boards) are
and being replaced with a similar Spectrol part. I am buying every 149 pot
on the planet
(as some of you in the UK have discovered!) but the '820 (VC Lag) will
probably be the last
module using them. The VC Lag pcb is done, going to the fab shop on Monday.
Expect shipment
around mid-May. JH designed, Stooge Larry blessed, PTS turned the crank.


From May 1 to July 6, you will notice MOTM activity from my end in a sharp
decline. This is due to
non-MOTM activities + extended vacation time (wife & I haven't had a
vacation in 4 years!)
What this means is the following:

a) time from order to ship will stretch out.
b) probably only 1 new module introduced in this period: the VC Pulse
Divider. Details on
this module later.
c) If you call during the daytime (up to 5PM), PLEASE leave a message &
phone #. The best
time to call (in general) is 8PM-11PM Texas time. Email is ∗always on∗. I
can respond to most
emails withing 45 minutes.

After July 6, I'll be back to my usual 18 hour days. So, if you ∗really
want∗ something sent before
May 10th, now is the time to order.

MODULE #1000

Yep, getting close to shipping #1000. I'm guessing sometime in mid-June. The
person that gets
#1000 ∗SHIPPED TO THEM∗ (not ordered, because that's not how the system is
set up) will
receive a $200 off coupon. Can't beat that with a stick, as Granny said. As
of today, the shipped + backlog
is about 965.


As always, PLEASE send me demos! They don't need to be 7min long. I'm just
looking from new
stuff to show off each module. These demos are the #1 advantage we have over
the other folks' websites.
For example, in a 3-month period, a typical demo is downloaded 2500 times!
Not to brag, but I do get over
1 million hits a year, so this is exposure for you (if you want it!). The
Feb PDF catalog Ken Tkacs did
has been downloaded 1945 times in 5 weeks! Dave Fulton's new demo on the
NEWS page has been
downloaded 756 times in what, 8 days?

Send MP3 or .WAV If you have a bizarre effect, all I need is 10 seconds
worth. I get calls every day
from people wanting BIZARRE. In fact, I'm thinking about a PATCH section on
the site, for this
reason. David Bivins has turned into a 1-man MOTM recording machine, but
there are others of you out


Somebody we know is working on a nice CV/GATE sequencer that has about 1/2
the DoMOAS features for 1/2 the price. And, he is about 10 months ahead of
me. So, I suspect
it will ship in June, and many of you will want one (or 2 or 3). So, JH and
I are toying with
doing a MOAV instead (you can guess what the V stands for). DoMOAS will
proably get pushed
into next year. There are still 13 more MOTM modules on the drawing board
∗besides∗ the sequencer.

I'm not interested in a BabySeq, althought I bet there are clever MOTM users
out there that could
whip one up in no time. I still plan on doing DoMOAS, but all my bandwidth
for the entire YEAR
is spoken for (when my kids say they are bored, I have NO IDEA what that

For newbies: DoMOAS = Daughter of the Mother Of All Sequencers.

Oh well, enough rambling! Oh yea: IMPORTANT! Be SURE you change your post-to
address for this list

Paul S.