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Subject: Re: [motm] Purchasing decisions

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-04-05

In a message dated 4/4/2000 8:05:59 AM, thudson@... writes:

>I've been absent from the MOTM world for a while
>but I'm ready to return in full force. I'm going
>to put in an order early next week for at least
>one of every module that I don't have. I currently
>have a 900, 100, 110, and 120. I have a couple of
>questions for those with more modules.

Welcome back Thomas, I coulda used your help with all these ∗keyboard
players∗ gangin up on me.

>- Which modules would you most want duplicates
> of? I was thinking of an extra 300, 320, and
> 800. I know I'll need more VCAs, are there
> plans for a VCA other than the 110, or is
> there merit in having more than one 110?

I'd be getting three 300s before getting a second 320, as far as 800s I might
recommend three or four per voice per voice (again three or four 800s before
a second 320). I know Larry really likes the 320 so he might not agree with
these statements. As far as the 110 goes, I kinda know what you mean since I
always want to use a VCA when I use RM, but there are so many uses for VCAs
(again I'd recommend at least two for the first couple of voices you
"purchase," since you may want to use them as panners, or to gate CV signals,
as well as basic amplitude control). The dual VCA that Paul mentioned a
couple of months back sounds very powerful, a multi use module which could be
used for cross fading, panning, or dual independent VCA use, if I'm not

>- I'm wondering how hard it is to calibrate the
> 300. I have a low-end scope (Protek 20m dual
> trace), but no precision voltage source.
> Should I purchase one 300 assembled to use
> to calibrate the other?

Like Moe said <blah blah blah>.

>- I also want to purchase a midi-to-cv. I've
> read reviews and I'm leaning towards the
> Encore Expressionist. Any opinions?


>- I also want to process guitar and other
> instruments with my MOTM modules. What
> do most of you use to get the right
> levels. How far off is +4db/-20db
> (my JMP-1 preamp output levels) from
> what MOTM wants? Is there a MOTM preamp
> planned?

OK, I'll confess! I still haven't finished my 440 (but I know it'll be great
since it is four pole, and has the "full compliment of Barlow features."
Those, of course, being: the reversing attenuator for frequency VC, and a VC
Q input -- rockin!). That said, I think the 440 would be the best for
envelope follower VCF usage, while the 410 would is good for both that and
pseudo phasor type effects (though I believe I actually mentioned this to you
a few months ago). As for preamp, lets say I use another brand while awaiting
the MOTM -- you know the brand. I think the last time we heard about the MOTM
preamp, the guitar input was going to distort (?) maybe not.

Anyway, it's good to have you back(?) -- now fess up the rest of you getar