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Subject: Re: [motm] Whoops!

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-04-02

In a message dated 4/1/2000 11:38:54 AM, oakley@...

>carried on taking photographs, and thought it would be nice to have one
>with my two year old daughter. Uh-oh, be careful Mr Frumble!!!! Whoops,
>over went the modular, crash onto the sandstone flags. And the
>MOTM-410's knobs took the brunt of the impact.

First, thank goodness your daughter is OK!

All four spectrol pots
>completely shafted (literally), at least 5 knobs badly scarred. The
>other modules survived more or less intact, but some other knobs were
>damaged. Bollocks as we say in England! And Farnell have run out of
>Spectrol 100K pots... and can I find identical knobs over here?

I admire your restraint! I'd be saying much more than "bollocks" at this
point, expanding the two year old's vocabulary immensely. I guess it could
have been worse with a different brand -- since the MOTM PCBs are so securely
fastened to the panel. BTW, Paul keeps reminding me to pull off the
"protective film" from the silver spot on the knobs, but I never think about
it. If you're as lazy as me, maybe some of your knobs aren't as bad as they
otherwise might be.

Tony, if you have a hard time finding the pots/knobs in a timely manner,
maybe we could do a trade, since I need to order like 25 of the Spectrol pots
soon (Mouser gives a bit of a price break on 25). Possibly a trade for one of
your PCBs that I've been looking at (I wouldn't have to deal with the
currency deal). Of course there would still be the shipping time to deal
with. Let me know if you're interested.

>Never mind, at least Rachel got some good shots before it fell down.

I'd definitely like to see the "before" shots, not the "after" shots though!
John B.