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Subject: [motm] Whoops!

From: "Tony Allgood" <oakley@...>
Date: 2000-04-01

Today I decided to take a few photos of my modular as it stands. Its 16U
across and two rows high. And it being a nice sunny day, I took it
outside onto the patio. My wife is a bit of an amateur photographer so
she took the photos. Then the phone rang, it was my mother... so Rachel
carried on taking photographs, and thought it would be nice to have one
with my two year old daughter. Uh-oh, be careful Mr Frumble!!!! Whoops,
over went the modular, crash onto the sandstone flags. And the
MOTM-410's knobs took the brunt of the impact. All four spectrol pots
completely shafted (literally), at least 5 knobs badly scarred. The
other modules survived more or less intact, but some other knobs were
damaged. Bollocks as we say in England! And Farnell have run out of
Spectrol 100K pots... and can I find identical knobs over here?

Never mind, at least Rachel got some good shots before it fell down.


Tony Allgood Penrith, Cumbria, UK

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