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Subject: Joysticks

From: improv@...
Date: 2000-03-30

First, the mail-lady just dropped of my 440! Cool! I wasn't even expecting
it yet. Now that we'll all be occupied with building these things for a few
days, the list will get back from the Sci-Fi soundtrack digressions.

>From: mark scetta <n0nspaz@...>
>yes this is what i'm doing with the PC Jr. joystick, leaving the cord
>length to use it remotely (not housed in a module), just cutting off the
>end connector, removing the internal capacitors and bringing the X & Y 100k
>pot outputs to 1/4" neutrik plugs. i have not yet determined if i'll want
>to put trimmer pots on them. it's working so far.
>the FIRE button (oops i'm shouting 'fire' in a small room) will go to a
>custom 1/4" jack in my MOTM custom preamp module, wired to +15v thru a
>couple of resistors for use as a trigger button. can anyone recommend what
>voltage i should use for this? i was thinking that 7v was a nice
>compromise. (?)
Based on your message, I did this with mine, cut the end off the joystick
and wired it to the +15V lead, and the outputs to 4 jacks (X + Y CV out,
top and front button out). Works great, with a few quirks. First, the X
voltage decreases as you move the stick left. That is, if I patch it to
control pitch on a VCO, the lowest pitch is at the far left and the highest
at far right. This seems counter-intuitive, but workable, I can always
patch it through an inverter.

Next, the front button acts wierd. The top button acts as expected, sending
out +15V when pushed. The front button has 2 odd behaviours. It only sends
a change when released, not when pushed, and pushing the top button also
sends a pulse through the front button. Again, not a large problem, but
curious. I'm sure my near-total lack of electronics knowledge is pretty
glaring here. What's a recommeded resistor value for bringing the button
voltage down to a level the 800 EG's can handle?

And, I have to confess, I guess last night I went over to the dark side. I
got a used MicroModular in a trade deal. Spent most of last night playing
with it. Sonically, it occupies a totally different space than the MOTM:
cold, precise, very focused sounds. I expected this because I have a Nord
Lead, and, the 2 sound very similar, unsurprisingly. What really strikes me
about the Nord Mod, though, is that this is analog modelling done right! I
know we can argue the validity of analog modelling when great analog
systems like MOTM are available, but at least the Nord Mod is a very
flexible system, unlike the other VA synths (Roland 8000, etc). My main
intention for the Micro is for gigging, it plus a PC-1600 makes for a very
portable system for throwing in some noise. Until I can afford to pay
roadies, I think the MOTM is staying home.

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