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Subject: Re: [motm] controllers

From: "Hugo Haesaert" <hugo.haesaert@...>
Date: 2000-03-30

Hi All !

Don't have much experience with theremins as such, but since the non
working ones seem to be built into scratch-built cases, read on :

On a visit to a friend he had installed a Big Briar Theremax on a mic
stand, and was fooling around with it . The top of the case was off,
and we were joking at how it would not go down in pitch very well,
when i touched the wire going from the base of the pitch antenna to
the circuit board . The bit of bottom of case this wire runs over
has a foil groundplane . When pushing the wire more over, and closer
to this foil, the pitch dropped several octaves, the lows going
distinctly toc, toc, toc ;-) Some capacitance at play here ? Dunno,
but now this thing seems usable at last . And this was with the full
kit .

Food for thought ?

Hope this helps .

Keep 'em oscillating :)