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Subject: RE: Controller Module Brainstorming

From: mark scetta <n0nspaz@...>
Date: 2000-03-29

Message: 14
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:43:38 -0800
From: improv@...
Subject: RE: Controller Module Brainstorming
>From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>

>>I thought the idea of using stock PC joysticks that could plug into standard
>>connectors on the module faceplates was a clever one.
>Did anybody else pick up on the Electronics Goldmine deal on PC Jr.
>joysticks? I think someone on this list turned me on to this. I got 6 of
>them for $1.79 each, had to get 6 to meet the $10.00 minimum order. The
>reason I'm asking is that I'd like to know how other people are planning on
>using these joysticks. My original plan was to make a controller surface in
>a slope-top box, with a bunch of joysticks, trigger buttons and maybe a
>ribbon. Unfortunately, these PC Jr joysticks don't seem like they'd migrate
>to another box easily, there's a plastic inverted pyramid built into the
>plastic case that seems like it'd be pretty hard, at least with my limited
>wood- and metal-working skills, to duplicate. So now, I'm thinking about
>doing the panel mount interface route: Build a MOTM panel that has the
>input and output CV jacks, and connect the joystick to that. Anybody else
>got any ideas?

yes this is what i'm doing with the PC Jr. joystick, leaving the cord
length to use it remotely (not housed in a module), just cutting off the
end connector, removing the internal capacitors and bringing the X & Y 100k
pot outputs to 1/4" neutrik plugs. i have not yet determined if i'll want
to put trimmer pots on them. it's working so far.

the FIRE button (oops i'm shouting 'fire' in a small room) will go to a
custom 1/4" jack in my MOTM custom preamp module, wired to +15v thru a
couple of resistors for use as a trigger button. can anyone recommend what
voltage i should use for this? i was thinking that 7v was a nice
compromise. (?)

hazy regards from providence