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Subject: Re: [motm] controllers

From: Doug Pearson <ceres@...>
Date: 2000-03-29

At 09:03 PM 03/29/2000 +0100, paul b <vulture.squadron@...> wrote:
>talking of alternative controllers
>has anyone used the paia theremin (yawn)..?

Yes, I built one, and just as with Ken, mine doesn't work either!
Actually, it partially works (and at various points, all of it has worked,
just not all at the same time) - enough to be of some use. I should send
it back to PAiA, though, since I hear they're almost as good as Paul here
about repairing kits that weren't constructed 100% correctly (I wonder what
they charge to restore the traces that you burned off the circuit board
while trying to re-seat a metal can that needs a thermal connection ... not
that ∗I∗ would ever do something so stupid while assembling a kit, nope not

>i got roped into getting hold of a theremin for a friend, i came up with
>this and thought : hang on, i can connect this to my MOTM..!
>is this a good idea or what, or not..?

I found it pretty useless as an actual Theremin, but it makes a great synth
controller, especially with the volume-antenna-driven velocity and gate
outputs. Have not yet tried it with any MOTM, though.

>(forget trying to play it, i'm just going to plonk the antennae in front of
>my cats, then abuse their copyright)

That would seem an ideal way to get them to participate in the creative
process ...