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Subject: Re: [motm] AHMW 2000 Report?

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-03-29

> From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
> So, we had a lot of fun putting captions on Stooge
> Larry's pic and he has been a great sport for taking
> the abuse but I'd like to hear from Larry what he
> thought of AHMW 2000.

Well, I enjoyed the abuse as much as you guys enjoyed giving it to me (I am
sick that way). Here are some thoughts on AHMW:

If you have not seen the photos at Cary's retro site, you should go check
it out. When viewing the slideshows, you can click on the images for the
larger version (that was not originally obvious to me).

> In particular, were there any interesting comments,
> questions, thoughts on future modules, etc.

Well, there was really very little if any discussion on future modules.
However, there was a few that were considering the purchase of Dr. Moog's
analog delay when it becomes available. Most people just wanted to put the
headphones on, and play with the cords and knobs. Probably most of the
discussion centered around the filters. The 410 and 440 were the most
popular filters. The voltage controlled Q on the 440 was a big hit.

> What was the thing folks said they
> like the most and the least about MOTM and your
> setup? Tell us Larry...

Well, I think people were glad to actually get to "play with" one.
Certainly likes were, "appearance, overall quality, 1/4 jacks. The 440
filter was a huge hit. That puppy really screams. I had a nice
conversation comparing the MOTM and Blacet frequency dividers. I have two
MOTM-120s and one Blacet FD in my system. A very interesting point can be
illustrated by looking at the mixed output of these and comparing them.
The MOTM-120 adds the various harmonics together. The mixer of the Blacet
module causes one harmonic to cancel another when approaching full volume
It is hard to describe, but obvious when looking on the scope. However the
divide by 1.5 and 3.0 not available on the 120 are quite useful.

One person mentioned the pots did not have enough resistance for his
personal taste. The ones mentioned were the plastic shaft Bourns.
However, I wasn't listening to any "pot complaints" since I know the
quality of what we are getting for pots.

Some items are obviously missing from my system -- mixer, voltage
controlled mixer / panner, more VCAs, etc. However, with the exception of
a second VCA, I have a fairly complete two voice system. Cary was kind
enough to left me use his VCA. I am waiting for the "ultra VCA" Paul is
working toward.

Overall the MOTM was well received. It looked impressive in the tall rack.

In general, I would say these types of gatherings are a great idea. I
would encourage others to participate. I got to get my hands on some
unusual stuff too. There was a Memory Moog, Moog Liberation strap on,
minimoog, polymoog, OBX, expander, and some other really rare gear. Tony
Clark had his Fenix and Modcan modular stuff there. Tony also had one of
those blue PPGs with the optional voice expander and programmer / storage
module (built in CRT). The Modcan stuff is pretty nice functionally and
the quality looks good but the panel layout sucks. Banana jacks and knobs
all intermingled. Next year I plan to spend some time messing with the
Fenix (only 80 were made). Harry Bissell was there and demonstrated his
cool CV out modifications for the Etherwave. GOTTA have that if you are an
Etherwave owner. He has made circuit boards for $15.

Larry Hendry