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Subject: RE: [motm] Open Cabinet Question

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-03-29

What a cool link! Mail order wood, wow!

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From: Thomas Hudson [mailto:thudson@...]
Sent:Wednesday, 29 March, 2000 10:44 AM
Subject:Re: [motm] Open Cabinet Question

From: Thomas Hudson <thudson@...>

"Tkacs, Ken" wrote:

> Also, what kinds of wood are you using? The only reasonable thing I can
> around here is Red Oak, which wouldn't be bad, but I'm interested in what
> others have had success with. Buying a table saw on Saturday to get this
> show on the road.
I purchased paduak from Woodcraft. The wood is a deep orange red,
and machines well. See

The picture shown is lighter than what I have. The grain is so nice
that I plan on using a clear finish with no staining.

You can also view various wood types at:

Oak is pretty heavy and tough to work with. Buy some extra saw blades.
Same is true for maple.

Walnut is nice to work with. Had I found a good deal on some walnut
I would have used it. I think it would look great with the MOTM

If you decide to go with any exotic hardwoods, be sure to wear a
dust mask. Dusk from some exotics is carcinogenic.


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