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Subject: Re: [motm] Spring reverb and amps

From: Charles Stella <cstella@...>
Date: 2000-03-29

Another great spring reverb is the Orban 111B Dual Spring Reverb. It isstereo with EQ and a limiter. I picked mine up on Ebay for $75. The springreverbs inside the Roland Space echo's are cool too but they are greatingpricey. Charles.

David Bivins wrote:

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>

Ken "Hot Springs" Tkacs:
> Spring reverbs, even great ones, don't replace the better digitalreverbs,
> but it is a unique sound that I'd like to continue to have accessto.

Funny--I've been thinking more and more that it's kind of hilariousto use a
good digital reverb (i.e. one that emulates a "real" space) onsounds that
don't occur naturally in an acoustic space (don't nit-pick me)--knowwhat I
mean? For example, medium hall reverb on guitar, bass and drumsmakes
sense--you get the illusion of a group playing in a certain space.But in
what space is a modular playing? Mind you, I'm talking about synth-only
stuff, not synth stuff in the context of a rock or jazz or orchestralgroup.

So I've been using the hell out of my Furman RV-2 with the MOTMstuff. I
love it. Has anyone used one of these old, consumer hi-fi springreverbs
with their synths? I have three here at work that I haven't broughthome yet
(three of us are temporarily using them as monitor stands!); Iput CD audio
through one of them and was pleasantly surprised... Just curiousto know
before I schlepp one home.