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Subject: here's a thought...

From: "Paul & Alleyne" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-03-28

hello all,

here's a thought, has anyone used Koan Pro software with their modular..?
i got hold of it this weekend and did some great stuff with my MOTM, MC202 &
Yamaha VL1m
actually, when i say "i did" i mean i tweaked one of the demos and sat back
for ten minutes in awe

for those that aren't aware it's a kind of algorhythmic based organic
evolving sequencer sort of thing, you set a few basic rules and off it
toddles changing all kinds of midi parameters at will. it was released
around 1995 for PC, i think Eno got involved with it somewhere along the

anyway, here's my sci-fi soundtrack top ten in no particular order:

∗ bladerunner - couldn't have done it on anything other than a CS80
though could he..?
∗ forbidden planet - it sounds so over the top now, just before i sold
it, the forbidden planet patch on my Korg Prophecy was its only saving grace
∗ anything by john carpenter - fuck knows why...
∗ star wars (by bruce baxter's sonic all stars) sad horrible synthesiser
rendition of you know what (well i was only eight at the time) - 17 years
since my first introduction to a sampler and i've STILL not done anything
with it...
∗ DOCTOR WHO - obviously having spent the early 70s behind the sofa while
this was on - Dub Syndicate did a great cover of this with Dr Pablo
∗ run out of ideas, erm apart from not getting Lee Perry do the
soundtrack for Inspector Gadget was a travesty :-)

paul b