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Subject: Re: [motm] Recording the MOTM-preamps????

From: improv@...
Date: 2000-03-28

>From: kpeek1@...
>I have read a lot about using certain preamps and compressors to
>record all types of mics and instruments.
>Such as the NEVE 1272, API 512, UREI 1176, etc.
>I was wondering what is the best for a semi-dark, clean,
>sound that replicates MOTM sounds well.
>I have no clue if you even should use a preamp with
>a synth.
>I am using a small Mackie 1202 board to a MAC G3 AV model using the
>RCAs out of the stock G3 audio card.
>Any ideas for the best solution is greatly
>appreciated. Thanks!
It sounds to me like the weakest point on you current system is using the
stock Mac audio inputs. They sound OK, but a dedicated sound card will
probably sound much better. I use a now-antiquated Korg 1212i/o, which
sounds great and integrates perfectly with the recording software I use
(Deck 2.6, Logic Audio, Peak). There are other great cards out there, like
the MOTU 2408, the Digidesign Digi001, and (which actually looks pretty
interesting to me) the Tom Oberheim designed SeaSound Solo, which
integrates mic preamps and a monitor mixer. For much less than the price of
a single channel of NEVE, you'll make a major improvement in your

You don't have to use a preamp with the MOTM, in fact, it has such a hot
signal, it usually needs to be DE-amped! Your 1202 will work fine as a
basic pre-amp for the MOTM. If you are looking for a more colored sound,
here is the signal chain I often use for recording synths. First, I plug
the synth into an ART Dual MP tube preamp. ART usually makes pretty crummy
gear, but I'm really pleased with the tube MP series of preamps. They have
a warmth and clarity that the Mackie pre's lack, it doesn't sound
particularly "Tubey", it's just a very good sounding cheap preamp. I've
seen the single channel version for $99 in catalogs, which is a steal. From
the MP, I plug into a compressor, either an FMR RNC if I want clean
compression, or a Joe Meek SC2 if I want a more aggressive, colored
compression. From there into an ancient Symetrix parametric EQ that I
really REALLY like, it's not a clean EQ by any means, but adds an edge.
Sometims I'll also patch a DBX subharmonic synth inline. The final stop is
a Frontier Designs multichannel A/D converter. All this gear is actually
pretty low-mid end, but sounds pretty damned good.

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