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Subject: RE: [motm] Recording the MOTM-preamps????

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-03-28

Just run the MOTM outputs into the 1202, adjust the 1202 trims accordingly,
and connect the master outs of the 1202 (or the tape outs if you do not have
1/4" to RCA cables) into the G3 audio card. Don't worry about all that other
business for now--you're asking for something that makes the MOTM sound like
MOTM, but you're also asking for something to color the sound. Best to start
with a clean sound and add coloring (via processors, insert effects, etc.)
after you've determined what's missing (if anything).

I most often use spring reverb and digital delay with my MOTM, myself. I
also compress it alot. This all happens via the mixer (aux sends for
effects, inserts for compression).


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> Subject: [motm] Recording the MOTM-preamps????
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> I have read a lot about using certain preamps and compressors to
> record all types of mics and instruments.
> Such as the NEVE 1272, API 512, UREI 1176, etc.
> I was wondering what is the best for a semi-dark, clean,
> sound that replicates MOTM sounds well.
> I have no clue if you even should use a preamp with
> a synth.
> I am using a small Mackie 1202 board to a MAC G3 AV model using the
> RCAs out of the stock G3 audio card.
> Any ideas for the best solution is greatly
> appreciated. Thanks!
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