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Subject: Re: [motm] Modular Zen.. long and pointless

From: davevosh@...
Date: 2000-03-25

In a message dated 00-03-25 10:40:40 EST, you write:

Leedy and Wiggins are two names I haven't heard before, and it sounds like
I should be listening to them! Can you recommend some records?

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as far as i know, douglas leedy made one "buchla" record way back in the
seventies (?) called " entropical paradise". it was a 3 lp set. i bought mine
in the early 80`s at a used record store ( so, sadly its not in the best
condition ) for $1.50. very much worth the money !!!!! :^) mostly "dream
machine" type of compositions but very enjoyable.
john wiggins has been a friend of mine for years. he started out doing indy
cassettes and i think most of his stuff is available on cd now. he does a
very eclectic mix of tape manipulations, modular analog sounds and treatments
( he has a serge and is the person who i sold my serge to years back - his
system is about 13 panels ) and some computer stuff. very much worthwhile
checking out !!! you can check on availability from him at :
gwiggins@... ----- on the subject line put : attn: john, senior
another worthwhile artist is don slepian. he does more of a new age styled
thing but is a remarkable keyboardist and synthesist and another long time
friend. he also has cd`s available. take a look at : or
his email is : slepian@...

if forced to make a definitive statement, i`d say john is the better
synthesist and don is a better keyboardist. still, both are worth a listen !
dave v.