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Subject: **ALERT** PWR Cables

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-05-04

It has come to my attention that the latest batch of PWR-20 cables shipped
each module were built by the manufacturer incorrectly. The insulation was
before crimping the wire to the connector. This may cause the wire to pull
out of the
connector. These have heat-shrink on them (the older ones used ty-wraps).

I have shipped all of the '300 VCOs with a tested cable: I checked each one
for a good connection.

I will have more of the first type cables made, but it will be about 3 weeks
until I get them.

You have 3 choices:

a) I will replace all of your cables if you send me an email with the # you
b) you can test the cables yourself for potential errors. Remove from the
module/power supply,
and give each wire a tug (once at each end).

You can re-crimp the wires until the new cables come in. On the top of the
connector is a sliding
snap-fit cover. Remove it, and pull the wires out. Cut off the ends (no wire
exposed). Then, using a small
flat-bladed screwdriver, press the wire into the "cutting blades" of the
connector. The blades will
pierce the wire insulation, and you will see the very tip of the blades
poking through the wire.

I can't believe this person built them like this! After I calm down there
will be hell to pay. All of my
remaining hair will probably fall out. I have $600 of bogus cables sitting

If you do have a cable failure and not wish to repair it, tell me and I will
send a replacement that I test first.
Also, people that ordered other modules with their '300s will get pre-rested
cables as well.

Paul Schreiber