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Subject: Modular Zen.. long and pointless

From: revtor@...
Date: 2000-03-24

Has anyone thought of a modular synth in terms of being an instrument in its
own? Im sure you have, but as was mentioned in a previous post the
similarities between a piano and a modular, many sounds are able to be wrung
out of both by a skilled player. I know that comparing these two is not the
most useful comparison, but consider the piano. 88keys. Keystrokes cause
felt tipped hammers to strike the keys. Same in all pianos. There have been
many virtuosos. Thousands of pages have been written on piano construction,
playing technique and actual music. Now think about how a piano sounds when
98% of pianists play it. The same as any other piano. These virtuosos are
indeed able to master it and bring out that sound tht the other 98% just
can't. Now consider the modular. Can there be a virtuoso? (Carlos and
Tomita are generally considered to be the closest thing) First of all no
modular is the same. No controller is standard. No modules comprise a
standard modular. "Playing" a modular therefore means nothing. In a piano
you have no other option than the keys. (Except those who bang on the case,
pluck the strings, throw things in there etc.. this doesnt count) but in a
modular you can equip it with a keyboard and this imposes piano like
standards on it. Keyboard chops shouldn't define ones ability in playing a
modular. Could there ever be a virtuoso? Virtuoso: 1: An experimenter or
investigator, esp. in the arts or sciences (we are therefore all virtuosos)
3: One who excels in the technique of an art. So if we are going to
follow with this usual definition of virtuoso, then we have to define what
the technique behind using/playing a modular is. Is it being able to patch
up a sound that pops up in ones mind and have it be almost perfect when you
turn up the volume? or is it one who is able to go deep into the modular
making an evolving sound for hours that is never stagnant and not overly
repetitious? I guess these are two things that i'd like to be able to do..
Who is the best programmer/patcher you know? I guess there can never be a
virtuoso of a modular.. there are just too many possibilities thats why we
love them so much I guess.......
anyone have any thoughts on this???
damn that was long..
(I have one module so far!!)