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Subject: Re: [motm] Guitar synthm MOTM style?

From: improv@...
Date: 2000-03-24

>I hate to trash a piece of equipment, but I had a vp-70 and it was
>absolutely horrible for tracking and instrument other than an unfiltered
>vco it rarely tracked anything accurately (guitar, bass, synth, voice)
>and constantly jumped around in pitch no matter how I set the pitch bend
>options. I hastily sold it to buy my first MOTM-300 -Nate
>ivancu@... wrote:
I saw a performance once that used the vp-70 (I think, is it the small
white table-top Roland pitch-to-MIDI box?) in a way that really blew my
mind. It was a piece by bay area keyboardist/composer Chris Brown called
Snakecharmer. The setup for the piece was this: a mic plugged into the
pitch-to-MIDI controlling a TX-81z plugged into a few effects then into an
am and speaker. Brown would whistle into the mic, and the speaker was
positioned right behing his head, so the mic would pick up the output of
the TX, creating a feedback loop except the feedback was being converted to
MIDI! It created these streams of very fast notes ripping around the room,
and he controlled the amount of feedback by moving the mic relative to the
speaker, and occaisionaly whistling again when it started to die out. It
was a totally amazing piece, really worked musically as well as a chunk of
experimental weirdness. Feedback rules!

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