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Subject: Assembled MOTM's for Sale!

From: Steve <eboyz@...
Date: 1999-05-01

I have the following MOTM modules for sale. This is because of a personal situation and has nothing to do with MOTM. I love the damn thing, it is just the 'fat' that must be trimmed. I am selling them for the kit price. All modules are
assembled and tested.

(1) 900 Power Supply $125
(2) 100 Noise / S&H $125ea
(3) 110 Ring Mod / VCA $130ea
(3) 120 Sub-Oct Mux $130ea
(2) 700 Dual VC Router $125ea
(5) 800 EG $90ea
(3) 940 Patch Panel $90ea (All of these have a modification. The row of colored banana's was replaced with 1/4" switchcraft jack, the colored banana's are in the place of the black ground.)

(4) Stringer Bars $40ea
(2) Blank 2U panel $15ea
(1) Breadboard $20
(1) 900 Power distribution circuit board $10

(9) VERY NICE 2.5' made by STS/Serge 3 purple, 3 yellow, 3 green, switchcraft jacks $100 for the set

(48) molded end 3' patch cables. One end is black the other is grey $3ea

(21) molded end 1.5' patch cables. Several differenct colors $2ea

I will cut a small break on items if you buy a lot. I'll sell the whole lot for $2500 and I'll pay the shipping if you prepay. If you have questions feel free to email me or call. (808) 383 7664 (I'm 3 hours earlier than the west coast.)

BTW, I am not going anywhere, I'll still keep the MOTM list up. I just have some circumstances that are out of my control that I must tend to. This is being offered to MOTM list first!