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Subject: Release Notice

From: "Aaron Swihart" <aaron@...>
Date: 2000-03-17

I am not sure if this is what Paul was talking about a week past, but
here it goes.

As far as I know this is the first national release of an album using
MOTM units.

Riley Armstrong on

Riley is a great guy from Vancouver B.C.- kinda eclectic folk music
if you will. We spent around a month recording and arranging the
album. He already had some material recorded in Vancouver, so we
added to that and recorded 6 new songs. Riley played just about
evertything except the drums and some perc. - Gtrs, piano, banjo,
wurly, rhodes, almost all the voclas, and misc noise makers
(attempted 'scratching') samples etc.. I had just started getting
into the MOTM stuff, so the main pieces used were the 120 and the
420's. Other apperances include Sherman Filterbank, System 100M,
Wave XT, Pro-1, and an Expander.

The album was recorded on analogue tape, at a studio called The
Castle in Franklin TN. It was also mixed there on the SSL 4000 G+ -
not by me.

The next project for Flicker will have a full MOTM synth on
it...coming in late fall or early winter.

You can visit Riley or the record company at:

If anyone has questions or comments on the modules and 'studio' use
or whatever, feel free to email me - or discuss it here. I know Paul
wanted to get more 'producer' speak going on.