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Subject: RE: [motm] Mixer - WAS: EMS Vocoder...

From: "Brousseau, Paul E (Paul)" <PaulBr@...>
Date: 2000-03-16

(Warning: This reply is made without reading all the new messages yet!
Further, I am not yet coherent this morning! Observe caution!)

It seems to me that this "internal" switching stuff is just asking for
confusion. I mean, if I want two 3x1 mixers, that's what I want to plug
into. If I unjack the out of the 2nd mixer for a moment, I surely won't be
expecting the other 3 channels to suddenly route into the first mix. And if
it subtle enough, I'll sure as hell end up with a well-scratched head. I'm
a much bigger fan of the "external" switch idea. Try this on for size:

You have 6 inputs, 2 outputs, and a switch. When the switch is in position
"A", you have a 6x1 mixer, with the 2nd output being the same as the first.
This might be useful for, say, sending to two destinations w/o using a
multi. OK, that's not much of a bonus, exactly, but its better than having
the 2nd output just mute. When the switch is in position "B", you have two
seperate 3x1 mixers, completely independant. I don't know about the master
control, but your idea would likely fit well. In essance, we're thinking of
the same thing, the switch is just moved from being toggled by the presence
of a jack to a mounte switch.

You might argue that internal switching will lead to greater accidental
discoveries, and that's a possible point. However, I am quite prone to
flipping switches and rotating knobs, so personally I'd much rather flip a
physical (sp?) switch than go crazy trying to figure out that strange


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> From:J. Larry Hendry [SMTP:jlarryh@...]
> Sent:Thursday, March 16, 2000 5:43 AM
> Subject:[motm] Mixer - WAS: EMS Vocoder...
> The "other" mixer that was not discussed much was a 6 in 2 out mixer that
> could be configured 3 into 2 or 6 into 1. Recent experience with another
> brand of mixer has suggested to me that master volume is not a required
> feature for all mixer functions.
> So since you borough it up. How about this as flame bait to the mixer
> discussion started again? .....
> 6 in 2 out, 1 master control. When only one output is plugged in, you
> have
> 6 X 1 with master, when you jack into the 2nd output, you end up with a
> 3x1 with a master and a separate 3x1 without a master (the one you just
> jacked into being without master).