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Subject: Osc Freedom

From: "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@...>
Date: 2000-03-16


I think John was looking for something more like a module you put the
initial cv into and then plug it into your VCO's if you want octave control
as an option. Sort of like a lag processor I guess. As a guy looking for
mean lead solo's, I have to side with John looking for more options for our
modulars instead of limiting them. IMHO I think this would be a useful
addition to the joystick module if it ever takes shape. This module or
option would be incredibly useful for me onstage instead of trying to change
the ocatve pitch manually in front of the crowd. My controller for now is
only an SH-101 so my key range is very limited. Thanks for listening to MHO!

Thomas White

>in his infinite wisdom paul has done something with the motm vco that
>my compositional esthetic. the single thing i hate the most about my
>vco`s are the "range" ( octave) switches. a stable, wide range vco is
>by their addition, IMHO. yes, they make conventional pitch / note music
>easier but the whole idea of voltage control is freedom. since what i like
>do is more "register" based ( hi / med / lo ) droney "dream machine" stuff,
>having a wide available range on the vco`s is desirable. in my shameful
>as a "serge-ist", i found their vco`s to be acceptably stable and the wide,
>unswitched range, essential !!!
>paul, you got this one right, IMHO, on the vco`s ........
>dave v.

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