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Subject: Re: [motm] Osc Controller

From: davevosh@...
Date: 2000-03-16

In a message dated 00-03-15 23:27:21 EST, you write:

<< Something makes me think that Paul isn't a big enthusiast of rotary
switches. >>

in his infinite wisdom paul has done something with the motm vco that matches
my compositional esthetic. the single thing i hate the most about my doepfers
vco`s are the "range" ( octave) switches. a stable, wide range vco is limited
by their addition, IMHO. yes, they make conventional pitch / note music
easier but the whole idea of voltage control is freedom. since what i like to
do is more "register" based ( hi / med / lo ) droney "dream machine" stuff,
having a wide available range on the vco`s is desirable. in my shameful past
as a "serge-ist", i found their vco`s to be acceptably stable and the wide,
unswitched range, essential !!!
paul, you got this one right, IMHO, on the vco`s ........
dave v.