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Subject: Electro Harmonix Clockworks..

From: revtor@...
Date: 2000-03-15

I recently came across this interesting looking piece on ebay. Here's the
Electro Harmonix # 5385 Clockworks. This unit can produce int. sync clock or
can be fed with ext. sync, divide it and send it out again in 4 different
variations to feed other equipment. Very interesting tool for analog freaks.
Ext. sync can actually be all sorts of (audio) signals, from synths, drum
machines, etc. Everything works, everything's in very good condition.
One input, or use internal clock, 4 outs, each is variable rate (division of
clock, ratio? etc) with a pot. Kind of like the 120 sub gen. but with 4
outs, each with a pot to control rate.
This thing sounds cool...
anyone have any experience or additional info about it?