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Subject: A VCLFO Lives

From: Dave Fulton <dfulton@...>
Date: 2000-03-07

I finally built it... And as always it worked the 1st time powered up!

Paul, my hats off to you again.

Now about the mods & all the wasted pael space..... I had plans to include
a VC Divider (A Serge board) but I decided to drop that plan. I did
include some switches to normalize the Pulse out to an ADSR and a switch
to send pulse out to the future VC Divider & Pulse Divider (Again the
Serge PCB's). I also added 2 attenuators in the blank area. So it's full
and on to the next project.

I have a 3 U MOTM Blank and plan on mounting the dividers, a APRC, a BLOG
, and Audio mixer (all serge). when I do this I will have 2 Analog Shift
registers left over (again Serge). Anyone want to trade? I also may have a
couple of CMX's (Control voltage versions of the AMX with an adjustable DC
offset.) These are real PCB's. Do not ask how I got them or Rex Probe will
be forced to kill you! Really, I am just condensing this stuff into a
smaller footprint and these will be left over.

MOTM stuff gladly accepted!

Thats all for now. New Pics soon!