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Subject: Re: Matrix Patching & Patch Storage

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-03-05

[Catching up on a few threads. It seems that Onelist and Yahoo weren't exchanging
mail that well on Thursday and Friday and I missed some MOTM mail, horrors!]


I don't think the EMS prestopatch-interface-relabeled-as-computer-interface ever
went very far. From what I have read, only a few experimenters every got it to
work. That sounds pretty "bare-iron" to me.


<< Nope, you're not missing anything. This is why the EMS Presto Patch
became the "Computer Interface" port in later VCS3's. >>

okay, good - i worry sometimes about overlooking the obvious ( even worse
without personal experience with the machine ). the computer interface would
have been cool with a nice software enviroment ! did they have software or
was it delivered as "bare iron" ? or, perhaps, a scaled down version of their
musys system ?
dave v.

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