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Subject: Re: Q.E.D.

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-03-03

In a message dated 3/2/2000 8:02:10 AM, aaron@... writes:

>I have a question tho, I noticed that I get a slight popping sound on
>the output of the 100 when my 800 is anywhere between 0 and 2ish. Is
>this right? I have used it to my advantage, for perc and the likes
>but my experince here is pretty limited. This makes sense - but
>having put it all together myself....well, I am human error.

I assume you mean the 110 VCA/RM (I mix up the numbers often as well).

If you mean when the ATTACK knob is between 0 and 2 then I would think this
was normal operation. Yes! Great for percussive effects! Those log pots (I've
got some linear pots on some ADSRs which aren't nearly as good from my
perspective) require a fair bit of travel to get subtle increase in ATTACk
time in the first part of rotation and I consider this an asset.

Good to have you onboard Aaron!
John B.