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Subject: Q.E.D.

From: "Aaron Swihart" <aaron@...>
Date: 2000-03-02

Or something like that.

So I just finished my two 300's, mult-ed patch bay, and a boatload of
patch cables.

WOW. That is all I have to say. WOW. Now I feel a little
overwhelmed, soo many modules and I want to use each one everytime.
Paul, everything sounds amazing, and it all seemed to work on the
first try.

I have a question tho, I noticed that I get a slight popping sound on
the output of the 100 when my 800 is anywhere between 0 and 2ish. Is
this right? I have used it to my advantage, for perc and the likes
but my experince here is pretty limited. This makes sense - but
having put it all together myself....well, I am human error.

A comment, I remember back a bit someone commenting about not being
able to get 'trigger' on the aux outs on the kenton - a 2000 I
believe. What version do you have? Mine is 4305/322, you can see it
on power-up. I don't have it in front of me, nor have I tried it
yet, but it seems to me I programmed one of the Aux's for trigger.

Also, when i got my synthi, I had 3 cardboard Patch cards. They are
slightly larger than the patch matrix, have all the pots marked on
it, and the part that actually fit over the matrix had little
half-punched holes. You could punch them out with the pins, and
pretso (sorry) you set up the template, where there was a hole you
placed a pin, and all the pots had their value marked on them.
Pretty smart idea. So what about a giant cardboard overlay for the

Thanks to everone who chimes in and keeps the group rockin. All of
the advise and ideas are fun to follow, and now try.