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Subject: Re: Matrix Patching

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-02-26

The matrix switches in the 2500 are quite different from the matrix patch bays on
the EMS synths. The matrix patch bays are ∗extremely∗ compact but they are hard to
get used to. The problem I would have with a MIDI controlled patch system is the
same one I have with MIDI patch bays - I can't see what is going on! I tend to
treat MIDI patch bays as a "set it up once and try to forget about it" device.
Without adequate visual feedback, it is no better than a 2 line LCD display. I
could see some LEDs attached to some form of automated Magic Bus being very cool.
Note: you'd still spend a lot on cable since you would have to connect everything up
to the patch bays...

One of the comments I did hear about the ARP matrix switches is that you can
experience some "happy accidents" by sliding the switches and happening on different
signals on your way to another location...

I guess I like patch cords in the end because I tend to feel that I have more
"contact" with the sound - like I'm manipulating electricity with my bare hands ;)


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