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Subject: Re: Joystick stuff - circuits

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-02-25

> From: jwbarlow@...
> You're not the first person to say that. In fact, the
> last time I heard something like that I had to respond:
> "your not so normal either, your Honor! Nor are any
> on this, so called, psychiatric panel. Why don't you
> all go...." but I digress.

Well, I just couldn't let you gig the head stooge (Moe) that easily and
escape unscathed.

> So how did you get a big enough hole in a MOTM panel
> to allow a joystick to rotate fully?

Well, it went like this:

1. Measure the size of hole required for joystick.

The one I bought was made for panel mount. So, it has
a plastic trim that hides the actual cut in the metal. Joystick
assembly goes in from the back. Plastic trim piece goes
on the front and the two screw together. Looks nice

2. Cover front of Paul's panel in heavy masking tape

3. Draw hole on panel front.

4. Drill hole near one edge.

5. Get out hand held jig saw with metal blade.

6. Cut and follow line until you meet the place you started.

7. Put grinding wheel in drill (drill press in your case).

8. With wheel running, polish inside of hole to nice smooth surface.

9. Drill small holes for joystick screws.

10. Remove protective tape

11 Insert joystick, trim and screw together.

Simple enough for a stooge.

Larry H