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Subject: Re: Big Briar/MOTM

From: "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@...>
Date: 2000-02-23

Wow man,

In no way did I mean to say it is equal in quality to the MOTM modules. MOTM
goes great lengths to strive ahead of the rest in most every area. I try to
look at the pure usefullness of all things I come across. Sure the new
mooger controller is not as detailed or professionally built as MOTM, but it
does contain elements of the MOTM 100, 320, 940, plus the CV mixer &
Attenuators for us guys who don't have many modules yet.

I own both the Lowpass and Phaser moogers and both sound excellent every
time I use them. I had a "paint rubbing off" incident on the low pass which
was handled by them promptly so I know they are standing behind their
products, same as Paul is with MOTM.

Yes it will be a bummer not to build it (As with all the moogers), but I
plan to buy the new controller as a small adition to my mobile modular. It
will allow me to have the function of a much larger set-up with still only a
5 space SKB of MOTM. Anything CV and "tweakable" in my opinion is valid in
my long term goals of modular synthesis. I think it will be a solid addition
to any CV system if it stays true to the quality precident set by the
original moogers.

The rocker switches are as classic as cool oiled walnut cabinets. Nuff said.
MOTM is of course the supreme force in my modular dream, but I like a little
bit of outside influence because everything has different qualities
sonically and technically. For instance, the LFO on my mooger phaser goes so
fast that I can make ring modulator type sounds when controlling a resonant
filter. Very cool. Similar results are possible with the MOTM 320 but not
quite the same tonally. 320 advantage is of course the wave shapes and
shaping circuitry.

Sorry for the rambling but I have to stand up for the usefullnes of all
things analog and true to our desire for the original style shi∗!
Long live MOTM and Moog in the battle to keep analog kickin!

Thomas White

PS. Right now I am using the envelope out of my mooger low pass (fed by the
audio out of my sh-101 I use to trigger CV on my MOTM) to trigger my 110 VCA
to let the sound come through. I have no MOTM-800's yet but they are coming
soon, eh Paul wink wink ;~\ I can get a rough idea of what my MOTM will
sound like as a monosynth! FAT FAT FAT and can't wait for the 440 filter so
I can order my next batch.

>From: ivancu@...
>Subject: Re: [motm] Big Briar/MOTM interface!
>Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 01:56:30 EST
>In a message dated 2/23/2000 12:13:27 AM, djthomaswhite@... writes:
><< Go check out and look at the CP-251 Mooger Fooger
>It has a noise source, four input mixer >>
>I believe this is just a CV mixer. Saw this at the NAMM show. Looked like
>nice way to integrate the Moogerfooger pedals, and certainly would work
>other items, but not sure how much utility it really adds to an MOTM system
>as compared to spending the money on another module.
>The new Moog synth was interesting too, although the only MIDI
>was keyboard control. I thought it would have been cute for a
>live-performance synth if they ditched the keyboard and made it a
>mini-modular system with patch points on the modules. But it is still a
>normalized Minimoog-type signal flow layout. Personally I would have hoped
>for something a little more exciting after over 30 years of experience!
>Don't get me wrong, I think the Big Briar stuff is decent gear. But it
>doesn't hold up to MOTM product. And what's with those retro-rocker
>Ok, mini-flame off....

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