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Subject: RE: Normalling 1V/Oct inputs

From: "Crawley, Eric" <esc@...>
Date: 2000-02-23


Thanks for the words of wisdom. I was thinking of taking the output of a
Moog VC control panel (the thing that has the lighted switches to select
between 4 CV sources; my 3 sources are 1-kbd, 2-MIDI/CV, 3-Ribbon,
4-external) and bring that to a jack in the back of the cabinet. Then in
MOTM cabinet, I would take the 1V/Oct inputs of the 300s, using the
normalling lugs with shielded wire, of course, and bring them to some sort
of connector panel in the back of the cabinet with another jack to connect
with the lower cabinet.

I suppose I should make the connection between the cabinets with a few
conductors so I can route more signals (gate, etc.), if necessary.