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Subject: Re: Daughter of MOAS

From: Dave Bradley <daveb@...
Date: 1999-04-07

Count me in. I agree with Gur, however - you still want jacks for stage
gate outputs, and jacks for stage set also would be heavenly!

>What I want is a smaller Moog 960 with a few MOTM-like additions. I don't
>plan to spend 1000 hours on the code. Rather,
>a sequencer that is easy to use and has a LOW parts count.
>Plus, I want to post the source code on the web and have all you folks hack
>it to death and develop your own
>versions (Hack #1 is I can show you how to add your name in the display on
>I was "doing the numbers" and it is possible to get the kit closer to $300.

Dave in Deutschland, where there is no Dr. Pepper!