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Subject: Normalling 1V/Oct inputs

From: "Crawley, Eric" <esc@...>
Date: 2000-02-22

I know this has come up before but I think I have a different set of
questions to ask now...

Has anyone done any normalling of the 1V/Oct inputs on their MOTM 300s or
420s from the jack on the module? I was noticing that I was always using up
multiples for these inputs and I wondered if I could wire up a standard CV
source, such as a MIDI/CV output directly to the back of the jack. I see
from the circuit diagram that the 1V/Oct inputs are already normalled jacks
that connect to ground when there is no plug present. I guess that I could
wire the CV source to the jack instead of to ground (perhaps with a
connector so I could remove the panel without much difficulty) and just make
sure that it is grounded when there is no voltage source (or make a dummy
plug that connects the tip and sleeve together to use on the front panel).

Has anyone done this? I'm more concerned about different grounds between
the MOTM panels and my CV source causing stability problems. Is this a
valid concern?