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Subject: Audio Peak Trigger

From: Nathan Hunsicker <nate@...>
Date: 2000-02-21

Nathan Hunsicker wrote:
> Since the announcement of the triple pre amp to boost instrument levels
> to MOTM voltages, has there been any discussion of a peak audio level ->
> voltage trigger module to produce a trigger any time an audio level
> exceeds a certain level. I have an Alesis 3630 compessor/gate, I'd like
> to find a way to produce a voltage trigger from an adjustable audio
> level. Something with a threshold and gate time adjustment would be very
> useful to trigger filter sweeps and VCA curves from an incoming audio
> signal. (i.e. strumming a guitar harder or "popping" a bass string would
> cause a gate to trigger for an amount of time set by the gate time pot)

Oops, I should have noted I was looking for something similar to the
noise gate on the 3630 not a way to integrate it into my MOTM system.