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Subject: MOTM - User Profiles?

From: IvanCU@...
Date: 2000-02-16

I'm going to toss this out onto the MOTM list with the understanding that
Paul certainly has the right to say "take it elsewhere...."

After reading a few comments about other "less mainstream" gear such as the
Future Retro and other items, I realized that the MOTM list is probably one
of the best resources for us Synth-heads (some are Midiots, some analogians,
and some are both like myself; Anamidi?). That said, is there some place
where we can collectively share this information? I appreciated the Future
Retro comments from David; others might have questions about gear that I own
such as the SidStation or old analog drum modules. If we each had a profile
listing our interests, resources, talents, and gear, we could be a great
resource for each other.