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Subject: Re: Daughter of MOAS

From: Gur Milstein <gur-m@...
Date: 1999-04-05

Hi Paul and list.
ok ,now how do you plan to make the stage select,if i want N step
to repeat twice do i need to enter it thrugh the LCD or is it
gone be thrugh a jack input ?
what i meen is do i need to progrem the sequencer to do my needs
by entering values or do i gone modulate it to do it ?

Gur Milstein

At 11:03 PM 4/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
>I want it to be clear it is NOT a MAQ clone.
>I have NO intent of any real-time patterm memory storage (ie the uP records
>the pots
>turning in real-time into memory for saving). And, this is NOT a MIDI
>All sequencers are controlled by DIGITAL logic. They HAVE to be. Even the 25
>year old Moog 960
>uses digital (RTL!!) logic.
>A sequencer is a digital shift register that gates analog voltages based on
>a clock pulse.
>I agree with Gur that if you overload a uP based system you will detect
>lags/delays. So this is
>EXACTLY why I want a simple, small sequencer.
>Now there are 3 ways to make that digital control logic:
>a) use 74HCxxx ICs
>b) use a FGPA like an Altera or Xilinx
>c) use a uP
>The trouble with (a) and (b) is you cannot add features. The trouble with
>(a) is it takes too many parts.
>The trouble with (b) is that FPGAs tend to have a small lifetime then they
>are replaced with bigger, faster
>versions. And the development platforms are $$$ ($99 Cypress WARP is the
>cheapest I've used).
>The 8051 has been around for 15 years. The price is like $5/chip and 6
>people make them. There are FREE
>tools to write code. And, I can add features easily with a download
>A sequencer doesn't have a "sound". Rather, the point Gur is trying to make
>is that Doepfer made too much stuff
>with an underpowered uP and the end result is disappointing.
>What I want is a smaller Moog 960 with a few MOTM-like additions. I don't
>plan to spend 1000 hours on the code. Rather,
>a sequencer that is easy to use and has a LOW parts count.
>Plus, I want to post the source code on the web and have all you folks hack
>it to death and develop your own
>versions (Hack #1 is I can show you how to add your name in the display on
>I was "doing the numbers" and it is possible to get the kit closer to $300.
>Paul S.