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Subject: RE: "marginal" features

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
Date: 2000-02-15

That's the cool thing about this list. People get a chance to shout really
loudly about things they care about, and it all gets taken into
consideration by Paul. When I first came on the list, I couldn't stop
talking about Emu this and Emu that. Lo and behold, the Lag Processor module
will have all the features of the Emu module and more, because I had a big
mouth! So your voice will definitely be heard...


> From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
> Hey Dave, list,
> Thanks for the feedback on my grouchy post. The following is what I'm
> concerned about (from Dave V's post):
> "possibly, too, the issue arises due to considerations about
> panel space and
> the cost of adding additional controls that may seem to be of minimal use.
> notwithstanding, i agree that more options are better than fewer!"
> This seems to come up a lot. I understand that Paul needs to be
> able to sell
> some of these things, and therefore he can't have ultra-expensive (and
> LED-heavy [j/k!]) designs for each module.
> I hate sounding redundant (yeah, right, ask my friends), but "additional
> controls that may seem to be of minimal use" are the only reason for me to
> build this modular. I already have synthesizers that are soup to nuts in
> sound creation (most of us do I'm sure), have some neat modulation
> capabilities, and even have esoteric functions unique to that particular
> instrument. But most of them do not have many "additional
> controls that may
> seem to be of minimal use" (well, there is that 'sequencer' on my Moog
> Source...). I'm all about minimal use!