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Subject: Re: Daughter of MOAS

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-04-05

>From: Gur Milstein <gur-m@...>
>sory i did not want it to sound angree,this are my points:
I certainly did not take it as angry. Sounded more like "passionate" to me
which is a very good thing. Gur, I think everyone here appreciates your
comments. I know I am still trying to learn and I enjoy what you have to
say. The group will ALWAYS have different opinions. That is given. What
makes it great is that we can share those differences here like gentlemen
toward the common goal of the best MOTM modules Paul can make (and that we
can afford).
From: JWBarlow@...

What a bunch we are!

Barlow can't justify the expense, but will tell you just how to build one.
Hendry doesn't know why he needs one.
Milstein wants one, but not the one Paul can build.

You GOTTA love this MOTM list (Moaners Of The Month).

Keep up the good work Paul!
Now John, You may have just crossed the line here. <grin> Actually, I
resemble that remark, but I would like to clarify it somewhat. Maybe I
don't know "why" I need one, but I do know exactly what I want. I just ask
Paul and he tells me. See how simple that is. <grin> and John, I do
appreciate the humor. :)
> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> What I want is a smaller Moog 960 with a few MOTM-like
> additions. I don't plan to spend 1000 hours on the code. Rather,
> a sequencer that is easy to use and has a LOW parts count.
> Plus, I want to post the source code on the web and have all
> you folks hack it to death and develop your own versions
> (Hack #1 is I can show you how to add your name in the
> display on power-up)
> I was "doing the numbers" and it is possible to get the kit closer to
> Paul S.
Count me in Paul. You will also have to teach me more about how to load
the source code modifications. I will buy one like that (or probably
whatever else you build since I still probably won't know why I need it
until it is in my rack for a couple of days).

Oh, and one last comment for John. Forget justifying the expense. I
certainly can't. But, here we are with opportunity and desire coming
together. Life is a Journey. Go for it !! <grin>

Larry Hendry