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Subject: Re: VC EG (breadboard) -- new idea

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 2000-02-13

In a message dated 2/12/2000 8:01:44 PM, DAVEVOSH@... writes:

>if he doesn`t, i think i have 1 ssm 2056 eg chip and app notes left around
>here somewhere. i`d be glad to donate it to a good cause such as the one
>describe. let me know.......

Very generous offer! I'd be more interested in your opinion of my general
module proposal. Maybe instead I could offer to drill a panel for you, and
you could build a similar module. I'm also thinking how much such a diy
module would cost to build:
(from memory)
1) MOTM breadboard = $40
2) MOTM 2U FP = $22 (?)
3) pots = $40 (7 X $5.50 ?)
4) knobs = $13 (7 X $1.70)
5) pushbutton & LED = $8.00
6) jacks = $14 (7 X $2)
7) resistors and capacitors (nothing special) = $15 (guess)
8) semiconductors (a couple of TL074s, maybe some trannies) = $5 (guess)
9) CEM 3310 = $42

Anything else?

I guess about $200 -- not too cheap, but a very useful module. I'll think
about this, and maybe try and build something in a month or two. I guess I
need to figure out how to limit the voltages (from the inputs + the initial
setting knobs) to 5V per stage.

Still thinking!