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Subject: RE: VC EG: Flogging a Deceased Equine -- no just horsing around

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 2000-02-12

In a message dated 2/12/2000 5:11:45 AM, Ken.Tkacs@... writes:

>Great idea! I like this (except as Larry has said, the 3310 specialty chip
>seems frightening). Why no VC of Sustain, I wonder?

The 3310 is my choice for my breadboard VC EG because I have several (at
least 5) tucked away. Also, I thought I saw Paul offering them again recently
(though at market value), so others could try this out. Furthermore, I also
have suffered a severe setback in the electronics competence area of my life
by not being able to get my MOTM 800 "clones" working properly, or figure out
the problem. I have seen some VC EGs based on CMOS ICs (maybe 4066 or 4053),
but I'd prefer to make something that will actually work.

Why no VC sustain? But there IS VC sustain! A single unattenuated VC sustain
input (along with one each of VC A, VC D, VC R), but I also find VC sustain
much less interesting than changing the slopes of envelopes -- fine for the
hoi poloi, but the sophisticated, martini swilling modular user needs more sub
tle VC EGs. When I used the old EMu modular, which had five stage VC
Transient Generators, I found I rarely used anything other than VC Lag, or VC
Sustain -- but then again, there was no velocity CV outputs from the keyboard
(or anywhere else), and there was nothing like a pressure sensitive output
anywhere. These typically had a very gimmicky effect.

BTW, obviously just taking the velocity output (for example) and plugging it
into a VC Frequency input to a VCF (for example) can also provide some useful
effects -- I doubt this is news to anyone out there.

>Here's your martini!

Thanks, though I usually try not to drink before I get out of bed, or at
least, before I wake up!


>(Larry, whay are you up so late?)