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Subject: Sine module Patch cord supplies suggestion..

From: RevTor@...
Date: 2000-02-10

Hey, I was going through the MOTM archives, and found an idea that I liked
which someone had posted earlier..
A module which outputs a few separate sinewaves (I dont know how many would
be ideal 3, 5, 7,8, 10 ??) either separately and with a jack for all of them
at one output. These few sinewaves can be VC'd, synced, detuned etc..
Imagine a few lfo's hooked to this thing.. a Voltage controlled FM synth
module. Analog DX-7 Module? Posible? useable? Would need many eg/vca's??
who knows.. any ideas?
just wandering and wondering..

and one more question.. Would anyone be interested in patch cord stuff? I
would gladly get samples of a few types of suitable cable and pick the best.
(MOTM is top of the line, afterall) I could buy a 500 ft roll or two and
share with the list for the discount price.. Would be maybe around 20/30
cents a foot for us. Maybe go in on some Switchcraft or Neutrik plugs too if
anyone is interested. (Switchcrafts are more compact, but Neutriks are
avail. in black chrome -oooooh) Could get them to you all for maybe around
2.50 ea. if I bought enough. (less for DGS plugs, again I'd try a few samples
and pick the best value) Dont forget the color coded heatshrink I could
throw in too.. Any takers? Id be more than happy to offer this to fellow
MOTM'ers... Yes, making these things is a pain in the ass.. but at probably
around 6 bux for a 5 footer, the value is pretty good..
Lemme know