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Subject: MIDI->CV; KBD->CV

From: Frank Vanaman <fvanaman@...>
Date: 2000-02-10

Hi y'all

I'm looking for comments-

Recently there was a comment about the PAiA MIDI2CV convertor being, er,
well, about as good as one might expect for the price. (Larry H, I

After the er, ah, <cough> modest financial outpouring required to get me
MOTMing, I'm not inclined to spend a great boatload of cash on a
MIDI->CV convertor ∗right at the moment∗.

When I got my 300 VCO going, I did the calibration with the Mono/Poly,
which I discovered is my only V/Oct synth (particularly strange since
it's a Korg) with actual CV connections out the back. Happily, the M/P
was putting out precisely, to the best determination of the DVM, one
volt per octave. Yahoo!

So, I've got a simple CV source for now.

But what of the future? I was reading in Tom Moravansky's site about a
CV-Gate in/out modification for the Roland Jupiter 4.
(and beware, the files are big, for no apparent reason)

It seems as though this could be a neat way to have up to 4 voices worth
of CV and Gate -- hand played, that is, or arpeggiated by the JP-4. As
you might have guessed by all this hemming and hawing, MIDI is not a top
priority with me. (Though please don't get the impression that I'm a
MIDI nay-sayer!)

So, is anyone else out there sorta wandering in this direction for a CV
generation contraption? (or is everyone using the lovely Kenton

Just idly wondering-

Frank Vanaman