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Subject: Re: MOTM-420 LED's

From: "Mark Tencza" <mmt@...
Date: 1999-03-31

I for one would like to have the LED's present.

Maybe for the "More On" feature, a Tri-Color LED could be used. Although
this may take away from the overall design philosophy.

We must realize that the modules will be seen & heard by others, and while
visual indicators may not alway be necessary, I think in a live performance
situation, they would certainly be a help. Not to mention adding to the
"coolness" factor for the audience. (Remember the IBM system 360?)

I believe that the visual indicators can be "tastefully" done, as Paul has
shown us so far.

On the far extreme, I was thinking about maybe a skull & crossbones for the
clip LED, but another mixer co. uses that I think.

This MOTM is really taking off. Glad to be a part of it all!

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From: Paul Schreiber <synth1@...>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 1999 9:41 PM
Subject: [motm] Re: MOTM-420 mockup pic

>From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
>JB is closer to the truth with MORE ON.
>The LED glows all the time: the intensity of the glow is proportional to
>input level.
>I am just wondering if this is useful. Comments??
>Paul S.
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>From: JWBarlow@... <JWBarlow@...>
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>Date: Tuesday, March 30, 1999 8:19 PM
>Subject: [motm] Re: MOTM-420 mockup pic
>>From: JWBarlow@...
>>In a message dated 3/30/99 2:50:34 PM, daveb@... writes:
>>>I was real tempted to label the LED "HEY MORON",
>>>except that I'll probably WANT to run it that way some of the time!
>>Beautiful mock up Dave!
>>Hey! Hows about one of those dual green and red LEDs. The green one for
>>(written below the LED), the red one for "MORON" or "MORE ON" (written
>>the LED).
>>Just a thought,
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