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Subject: RE: VC AR EG mockup

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-02-02

Well, at the risk of taking away from that simplicity a little bit, I do
have a suggestion for some of that blank space. What if, instead of having
the "+Out" jack, you had just an "Out" jack, and one more knob per AR. This
third knob could be an output level control, a reversible attenuator
(-5~0~+5) to allow you to flip the contour upside down.

I know that this adds a bit to it, and it also flies in the face of the
tradition of having attenuators on the ∗input∗ rather than the output. But I
figured I'd "run it up the flagpole... see who salutes," as an ol' prof of
mine used to say all the time.

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From:David Bivins [mailto:dbivins@...]
Sent:Wednesday, February 02, 2000 3:05 PM
Subject:RE: [motm] VC AR EG mockup

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>

Well, I figure it's only a matter of time... If you leave
open real estate,
the MOTMers follow... ;)

Remember everyone--it was supposed to be simple! :)