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Subject: Re: Can somebody verify this behavior?

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-03-31

In a message dated 3/30/99 12:17:49 PM, daveb@... writes:

>1. Plug the Vibrato (or Random) output of the MOTM-100 into the 120 B input,
>nothing in the A input.
>2. Set to Cross mode, and turn up some divider output pots. No sound, right?
>3. Excite the circuit by plugging a brief burst of noise into the A input,
>then unplug.
>4. Do you hear clicks on the output now?
>To summarize, in Cross mode with a non-audio CV into the B input, I hear
>clicks on the output whenever the A input is gated off (or when it's
>removed). Turning off the octave mix pots removes the clicks.
>So does anybody else see this, or do I have a problem?

Hi Dave,

I checked your patch and mine does that and much more! I think it may be due
to 60Hz and the low level needed to get the 120 clicking. Since I'm using
banana cables (ie, unshielded) I'm picking up all kinds of crap so mine fails
your test number 2 (yet another reason to change back to the MOTM 1/4"
standard). I also noticed that the rhythm would change by toggling the mix
switches after I got it clicking.

More fun with the 120!
John B.

Also thanks to Roy and Gur for the previous postings of patches; a patch is
worth a thousand e-mail's!