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Subject: Re: VC EGs- I like it !

From: william Hanson <williamneumann@...>
Date: 2000-02-02

Re: > [MOTM] = VC EGs' = the idea
I like it - I like it - starting to love it.
You could do a couple of AR generators and link
em' together function wise like the old PAIA stuff
but of course with that MOTM/ROLLS ROYCE kinda
quality factor! Two AR functions added(CV) together
would give You kind of a full 4 stage envelope
but having them in a dual or triple array - ....I
agree folks !!!!smaller segments/semi independent
will deliver more applications common & esoteric, in
my semi-professional electronic music opinion.
William Hanson.- St.Louis,MO...aka "hamhock central"
ummm- yeah I'm allowed to say that only cause I
am native to the area fer most a' my life! : )

--- DAVEVOSH@... wrote:
> In a message dated 00-02-01 21:02:43 EST, you write:
> << I'd also like to express a desire for a different
> kind of EG: a triple (or
> quad even) AD/AR generator. These simple envelopes
> could be combined or used
> as CV sources for PWM or VCQ to greatly enrich
> timbres.
> JB >>
> john,
> certainly a very valid point well taken!!!!!
> plus, they can be very simple and inexpensive
> circuits to build ( always a
> point in anythings favor !! ) which makes putting
> 2,3 or 4 on a panel simpler.
> don`t know if this has ever been broached on the
> list before but what about a
> modified adsr where the "s" isn`t a level but rather
> sets a sustain time ( ie
> : envelope generator would fire from either a
> trigger or a gate but sustain
> wouldn`t be affected by gate presence, it would be
> the time that the voltage
> sat at the point on the decay curve and held until
> the set time duration was
> over at which point the envelope would proceed to
> complete the "r" stage.
> is this hard to do? does anyone besides me think it
> would be a useful
> difference?
> best,
> dave
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